Reading Pillow Backrest for Books or Gaming- 20X18 inches



SIZE: Back 20-inch High X 18-inch Wide Arm 9-inch Long X 7-inch High The perfect size for kids, teens and adults, our sturdy, fully supportive reading pillow will envelop you with cozy warmth while you read in bed or watch TV! COMFORT This bed rest pillow will embrace you like a warm hug and keep you from slouching while using your laptop in bed or playing video games on the floor! Easily carry the reading pillow to another room with the convenient carrying handle so you never have to compromise on comfort. GREAT for reading in bed, gaming, curling up on the sofa, sleeping upright for nasal congestion or acid reflux (heartburn), leg arm and back elevator also works for any sort of bed rest. DESIGN – Covered with a Reversible Color Change Sequin in Two-Tone, Gold and Silver cover in front and solid Black color on the back. Filled with premium polyester fiber that contours to your body for the perfect amount of support.


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